Bill Heaner 2017 Clinics!

bill head shot

Bill Heaner Clinics – 2017 12th Annual Tater Hill Open


Bill is a former hang gliding world aerobatics champion and past recipient of the 2014 USHPA Paragliding Instructor of the Year award. Bill was nominated for this award by a field of the most prominent USHPA instructors in the USA. Bill holds Masters Ratings in both Paragliding and Hang Gliding. Most notably, Bill is the only Instructor that holds USHPA administrator positions for both HG and PG Instructor and Tandem Instructor as well as Mini Wing Administrator.

Bill is widely know as the “coaches’ coach” and mentors pilots as well as instructors all over the world. Bill’s “Free Flight Mentorship Program” has gained national recognition as a next step in free flight training for both hang gliding and paragliding.

Take this rare opportunity to start your competition day with daily coaching sessions on crowd flying strategies, launch mastery and ground handling techniques as well as daily weather considerations, thermaling strategies, emergency procedures and the psychology of competitive flying. Bill is also a nutritionist and coaches many high level athletes nutritional strategies to enhance mental acuity and physical recovery.

Daily coaching sessions at competitions before launch windows are proven to give a psychological advantage due to building a positive mental framework through visualization. The coaching session is especially useful as the competition days move on with specific insights and strategies tailored to the previous days outcomes. These sessions block is only $55 for the entire competition ($69 at the comp), which includes daily coaching for each day.

Bill will also be available for instructional paragliding tandem flights if you have travel companions that would like a unique and inspiring tandem instructional flight.

Bill resides in Lehi, Utah at the famous Point of the Mountain running Revolution Flight School where he teaches both paragliding and hang gliding.